Field Trips

Field Trips


Field Trips at Carver

Carver prides itself on its commitment to social and environmental justice, as well as community outreach. We firmly believe that high-quality learning happens both within the classroom and in the world beyond.

Student Landowner Education & Watershed Stewardship (SLEWS)

Seniors taking Carver’s Environmental Science course have an opportunity to participate in a series of 3 all-day field trips through a program called SLEWS (info linked here). As part of these trips, students will go birdwatching with our partners at the Sacramento Audubon Society! This a chance for ES students to get field experience doing restoration work, talking to restoration experts, and learning more about what it takes to pursue a path in conservation/restoration work. SLEWS also offers scholarship opportunities for participating students! Our SLEWS partner this year is the Sacramento Tree Foundation, who will be guiding tree-planting activities with the kids and organizing other science learning/team-building opportunities.