About the Parent Guild


George Washington Carver Guild (“The Guild”) is a non-profit organization created to benefit George Washington Carver School of Arts and Sciences.
All Carver parents, teachers, and staff are members of the Guild. We enthusiastically welcome your participation in Guild monthly meetings, committee meetings, projects, and events.

Board Members

  • President

    Beth Dubois

  • Vice President

    Kellie Arana

  • Treasurer

    Adam Kessler

  • Secretary

    Linda Roberts

  • Volunteer Coordinator

    Jami Ferguson

  • Communications Coordinator

    Sarah Damerow

  • 9th grade class representative

    Joanne Madams

  • 10th grade class representative

    Serra Smith

  • 11th grade class representative

    Kate Williams


  • 12th grade class representative

    Julie Tucker

  • Student Representative

    Ireland Williams

  • Principal

    La Niecia Kobelt

Mission Statement


To support everyone in the Carver community—teachers, students, parents, staff—to thrive.

Working together we build community, have fun, generate funding, creatively network to connect needs and donors, support activities and projects that benefit the current and future school community, and the provision of a public Waldorf secondary education.

We provide opportunities for parents to connect with each other, to the school, and to inspire parenting resources.